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tongue on my clit. Tics My body, my breathing stops near I feel that my lungs bursting, I breathe, my body is shaking, pussy juices flow over the rest of the banana in me. The idea is that a banana come so erotic, he lost control of the body elephantlist and mind. Their language is in me now, looking at the cum covered bananas final bit, which now has no banana flavor at all, oh my God, it feels so good your tongue into every crevice in my pussy tickle your search for search all the last part you can find what I regret and orgasm, one after another. This drives me wild ways, my body twisted from side to side the joy coursing through every nerve in my body, nor the sexual moans my lips, and all these things get out of a banana. When he finally lifted his head, smile and you're chewing banana, like really fun, sending a thrill for free to know about my back, which is filled with many of my creamy milk, sweet taste. My body flops back to the bed in pleasure, sexual exhaustion. Sleep occurs. When I wake, I think, my God, what a dream wonderfully sexyBut no, it was a dream, I know, I'm still tied to the bed. elephantlist What next I wonder? I'm elephantlist long wait, it opens the door to the room, which looks and sit beside me in bed. They ask: "Trust me "? " Yes," I say without a doubt. Now you have blindfolded me, then leave the room and closed the door on the fly. "Oh fucking hell, what did I get ? " I wonder. The door opens, someone walks in, closes the door, down a little bed, I sit near my breath in my mouth, lips, kissed my mouth, the lips of the urgency they feel in their response . My mind suddenly, your kisses feel different, I have therefore "no, do not be stupid, must play a prank on my way. " As you devour my lips, I'm back to the urgency of his lips on the mine, and give them free for you. His elephantlist lips move in to kiss my neck, nibbling gently to the bottom of my right nipple, my left nipple, while at the same time betweenThumb and forefinger, nibbling one, then press the other, sending waves of pleasure through my glorious body, which arch your back and moaning loudly. I feel a finger in her pussy and looking for my swollen clit getting ready for an orgasm, my body respond again, and a warm feeling comes over me as my juices gushing out all over my pussy. Decreases as the orgasm, I feel my juices trickling, tickling my ass on the road, resting in bed. My mind is in chaos, there's something strange in your touch is the thought that you might not be in my confusion husaband send my head. If I can not be that much more, contact ceases. Then I have the feeling between my thighs, hard
Quotes rampant member kneeling through my cum soaked pussy, hot. as the cock slowly enters me, go into the performance, this cock is thicker than yours, that's not true, "Oh, my God, my God," I am about to be fucked by a stranger or is a stranger? I can not describe what this ideaNot me, who is the sexiest, hottest situation I have been, and the impact it has on my body just indescribable. My nipples are so erect hurt, I have dry mouth, but my pussy is so wet and ready. Whoever it is, this is the larger, more cock that I had the pleasure of feeling. My body is away from you, not because I want, but out of loyalty, but because I think it should, as I think of treason, to commit my body and mind. While slowly driving his cock inside me, a cry of joy escapes me, I cringe a little at the thought of you as a stranger with a superb length sunk deep inside me, reinforced by the band of the eyes, not knowing who you are. Like you, the stranger pulls, pushes, pulls and pushes back, I know you are there watching me being fucked by another man. Sex groans escaped you, this is the last sound you hear from my man before thinking about my body, no time to give my body now takes over my mind, the unknown soft power lines, rhythm of persuasion, like shit destroy all traces of willpower I had left. Faster and faster, more and more difficult to write its wave penetrates my body, hips to meet elephantlist the increase of his being. The movement in me now is a growing need to escape from his lips, growls, my breathing, fast and almost out of control. Sexual sighs, moans, groans and moans escape of three pairs of lips. Drops of sweat down in the belly, I cried, "Oh my god fuck me more, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm running. " All my senses are throbbing with greater pleasure, elephantlist as his cock in hot elephantlist jail dark wild sexual pleasure because it is creamy nectar elephantlist fluid injected deep within me, get my muscles around its axis, it was like an intense orgasm, squeezing every last drop of cum out of it, which belongs to him. My juices flowing for all the joy of roosters, unimaginable running all the veins of every nerve in my body what to shoutpure pleasure orgasm. My turn, sold all his energy, and I totally exhausted by fatigue pleasant. After what appears to be time to return to the earth shifts the burden from me, the door opens and closes. UN hands cuff me, elephantlist then pulls me close, it's you again. I sit in the privacy of the body to me about how to remove the band. I do not know who the stranger, who was my body freely and enthusiastically received, and instead, as a pleasure.


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Awakening from sleep My eyes are closed, eyelids flickering in his sleep, but I was awake. I can feel cold on the wrists. Open my eyes, pull the arms apart, legs elephantlist in the same situation. I turn my head for you, but you are not there, the house seems strangely silent. Fear grips me, drown elephantlist my stomach churns, I am one to mourn when I hear a laugh escape his mouth, and I see that look in the room through elephantlist the crack in the door. the past, it had dropped by 3 hours, until they both fell into a fitful sleep after the joyous pleasure had succumbed. Now I am in bed. I ask "what ", but all it does is lift a finger to his lips and says " shhhh just enjoy. " You are approaching the bed, and I note in your hand is my vibrator again bought yesterday. It is 7 inches long, of course, so that the ball bearing inside the main shaft that can rotate to view it. Come to one side of which are the rabbit ears, which are placed on the clitoris, whist SH elephantlist 7inchPopa is pushed inside my pussy. If you look at her face like this vibrator finger and thumb. He lights, and I think my juices start to flow deep inside my pussy. I'm wet now, hopefully, we know that deep in my pussy sliding her soon. They approach this evil grin on his face. I wonder what's going on in your head and do things for me. I know you want me to say no when you ask me, I remain calm. Your closer now, by the vibrator on full, Buzz Off, and the axis of rotation noise. Suddenly the waves guided by the hand me mourn me when I read the 7-inch rotating hardness in me the feeling that twist. Then the rabbit on my clit and Oh, my God, is good. I run now, injections in my general mood. I am amazed at how quickly my body has been taken by surprise. Before my senses have time to return to normal, and before I realize what happens, who have withdrawn mood out of me and replaced it witha little cooler, softer, but stiff. My mind is running like a picture of the feeling in my pussy wet, I evoke correspond to the brink of orgasm attempt. Before delving into my brain that feel they meet with an image, the mouth shaved my pussy, licking around the mountains, which seem a bit of what stands in my wet pussy juicy bite everywhere when I to orgasm. As much as I can, pushing and lifting to see what it is, but given the limitations on the wrists and ankles, you can elephantlist see, I'm led to not know, wild. Looking up I see a piece of banana, it ha ha ha, what is that first it is, but how wonderfully fresh. Reappears head between my legs, this time I feel elephantlist her teeth biting gently the next piece, pierced